DDMS™ Cyclone produces multiple products from one ROM source eliminating any product re-handling. This reduces cost per tonne significantly.

Increased operational efficiency is achieved by reducing operational and capital cost. Typical products include Export (primary) (27.5MJ/kg) and Domestic (secondary) (21MJ/kg).

Benefits Include:

  • Increased plant total yield
  • Producing a middling product without double handling
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Reduced capital cost for new plants
  • Simplified plant operation
  • Can easily be retrofitted to existing standard DMS modules
  • Can treat up to 90mm and 550 tph in one single unit

Technical Specifications:

The 3 product cyclone treats normal ROM feed and produces 3 product streams at once. Typically a prime product of around 27,5MJ/kg (export quality) and a midlings product of 21MJ/kg (typically ESKOM quality).

By doing this, the 3 product cyclone manages to drastically reduce operating cost associated with the re-treatment of normal discards. It also reduces complexity of coal plants and subsequently reduces the capital required for a coal processing plant compared to a conventional double stage DMS plant.

The ENPROTEC Advantage:


The DDMS™ Cyclone can easily be fitted in a standard DMS plants.

Scalable Technology:

DDMS™ Cyclone can treat material up to a size of 90ml with maximum throughput of 590 tons per hour.

Efficiency (EPM):

Comparable to that of standard DMS cyclones (both Primary and Secondary).

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