At Enprotec we value our employees as our core resource and the safety of our employees is priority in every decision we make as a company.

We pride ourselves in our safety records and compliance. Our safety system has been developed by a group of in-house professionals and the system has been continually improved from experiences gained over the years. We learn from each client, each employee, each sub-contractor and each project and we optimise our safety system to remain pro-active and maintain “zero harm”.

Enprotec strives for “zero harm” to employees, sub-contractors, public and the surroundings. Enprotec conducts audits of its SHE performance and practices, documents the findings and takes necessary corrective actions. We are committed to continuously improve our SHE performance.

To maintain a safety culture, we developed the 12 Enprotec AYOBA Safety Values to form the foundation of our safety culture and ultimately bring us closer to our goal of “zero harm”.

Our management group is committed to ensure a safe working environment, safety is our core value and through prior proper planning, all problems are prevented pro-actively.

Read our health and safety policy:



1. Safety first

2. Zero harm – zero tolerance

3. We believe that all accidents are preventable

4. We take ownership of safety

5. Risk assessment prevents accidents

6. We don’t take shortcuts

7. Lead by example

8. We believe in safety excellense

9. Be open and honest towards safety

10. Care and respect for each other’s safety

11. Empowered to make the right decision for safety

12. Positive attitude towards safety

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