ENPROTEC believes that every company has the responsibility to re-invest and aid in the upliftment in their local communities.

ENPROTEC has partnered with The Witbank CMR to assist in a cause that is close to our hearts through donations and hosting their annual Christmas party.

The Witbank CMR is an organiSation that is involved with family affairs.

CMR monitors women and child abuse.  They remove children from homes where there is severe abuse and / or neglect.

Counselling and support are given to foster parents, while the biological parents are supported with parenting skills, and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addictions.

There are several “safe houses” in the surrounding areas where the children are cared for during this time. These safe houses are supported by the community and sponsors.

Child-headed households are supported with food parcels, clothing, and other basic necessities. Weekly visits and counselling are provided.

The list of services supplied includes:

  • Placing neglected/abused children in the foster care of suitable foster parents.  This process can be very lengthy due to investigations that have to take place to ensure that the best interest of the child is served and he or she is placed in a safe, loving home. Such a placement allows her/him to grow and reach their full potential.
  • Prevention services rendering support/supervision services to families experiencing financial challenges via food parcels and parental guidance.
  • Adoption services.
  • Reunification services (where parents circumstances improve in such a way that the children can be returned into their care).

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