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ENPROTEC modular filtrations

ENPROTEC identified the need to provide a flexible solution to be available to their clients, which enables the clients to apply the ENPROTEC modular filtrations  solutions. ENPROTEC currently offers fully modular filtration rental solutions for their clients, complete with installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

The modular/mobile filter plant solution offers the clients the following advantages to the operation

  • Shortened site establishment, assembly and commissioning time required
  • Less infrastructure and civil works required
  • Filter plant can be moved over time according to client’s needs.
  • Full operation and maintenance available by fully trained ENPROTEC filter specialists
  • Monthly rental agreements available – no capital expenditure required


This solution is ideal under the following unique circumstances:

  • Short term filter solutions requirements, e.g. end of life of mine
  • Percussive test work to confirm filtration requirements of a larger plant
  • Periodical filtration requirements (temporary discard rewash/onsite filter refurbishment)
  • Client does not have capital available to invest


ENPROTEC has a more than 25 filter specialists in the field to assist clients with their on-site filtration requirements


Goedehoop Tails Filtration

goedehoop tails filtration

We are excited to announce that our Goedehoop tailings filter presses are running. 3 x giant filter presses are treating up to 90 tons per hour, making it a zero-effluent plant.