ENPROTEC Announces Their First Project across SA Boarders

Pretoria, 18 September 2013:

ENPROTEC today announced their first project outside of the country, having recently secured a contract in Mozambique at Chirodzi Coal Mine, located in the Tete Province.

Their goal in this project is to provide the mine with an ultra-fine coal solution. To make this happen they will be utilising ENPROTEC’s patented Yield Cell technology as well as ENPROTEC Filter presses.

What this will mean for the mine’s operation is that ultra-fines can now be recovered and will no longer be disposed of as waste. ENPROTEC will deploy a system that recovers the ultra-fines as an exporting coking coal product. They will also deploy a second system to recover the water in the mine’s filters meaning that their water consumption will be significantly reduced.

Jayson Jacobs, Head of Sales and Marketing at ENPROTEC expressed the team’s excitement for the project: “This is the first project for ENPROTEC outside of South Africa and also our first in coking coal, so we are very excited and its all systems go – the design is currently underway and we plan to complete this project in the next 7 to 8 months.”

Chirodzi float and filter plant civil works making good progress.